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In 1974, Teresa's much anticipated summer vacation falls apart when five of her eight siblings board a Greyhound bus in California headed back to their home in Florida. 

At the age of seven, she is introduced to a life of poverty and homelessness as she takes care of her mentally unstable mother and siblings. 

In this compelling memoir, Teresa demonstrates that her survival in overcoming poverty and abuse leads to finding a life of abundance, meaning, and inspiration.

  • YouTube interview with Martha Quinn

Martha Quinn Interview

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Sean McNamara

Teresa Van Woy is a writer with extraordinary emotional range. She conveys the darkest realities of her childhood experiences yet somehow takes me with her on a heroic journey that is hopeful. Everyone who loves great literature should read this heart wrenching memoir that proves you are not saddled with your past. You can decide to reinvent yourself and flourish as you travel to adulthood.

-Sean McNamara: Director, Producer: Soul Surfer, The Miracle Season,

Spare Parts, Reagan

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