Dr. Teresa Van Woy

Podiatrist, Author and Wood Sculpter

Growing up with abuse and homelessness has molded me into who I am today. By using the power of my mind through imagination and visualization, I overcame obstacles and pushed forward to become a physician. Currently, I teach others how to use their minds to create the outcome they'd like. I teach empowerment, and I'm writing a book about it.


~putting the patient in the driver's seat of their healing

Board certified  podiatrist in the Bay Area since 2000. After my own ankle trauma in 2012, I discovered a way to expedite healing using the power of my mind. The results were amazing. Now I teach patients how to do the same through guided visualization / imagery techniques, especially in the treatment of chronic wound healing.




Guided Imagery

- giving control back to the patient

Whether it be pain, wound healing, fractures or emotional stress, I guide patients through techniques to heal themselves with the power of their mind. This method puts the patient back in the driver's seat of their treatment and assists in changing the thoughts around their condition.

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Inspirational Memoir

Wildflower: From Homeless Child to Physician

The book is written from a child's perspective, and brings the reader along on an imaginative journey. As coping mechanisms develop, fantasy is replaced with guided imagery, a technique I currently use in my medical practice.

  • Wildflower


I bring driftwood back to life with my wood sculptures. Each piece calls out to me with its desire to live again and show its inner beauty. 

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Every thought we think is creating our future.

Louise Hay





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